Larger businesses can sometimes lose their way and we can help to make sense of telephony and get it back on track. Through changes in organisational structure, resource, telecoms provider or technology, what was once a streamlined machine may need a fresh look to put it back on course. If you haven’t lost your way and just want help, that’s fine too!
We have vast experience working with unruly environments and can restore order, ensuring that robust systems and processes are properly planned and embedded, always with the customer experience in mind.
Whether undertaking interim engineering roles or working on system planning and design we take a methodical, comprehensive approach.

Our work includes:


Temporarily filling the shoes of in-house senior resource to deploy major site (hundreds of users) upgrades and migrations for multi-site (thousands of users) contact centres. 


Working with public sector organisation to streamline and help the business understand their corporate contact centre telephony, and integration of call handling platforms.


Independent consultancy and design reviews for a number of organisations including KC Contact Centres (KCOM group), Carillion Energy Services (formerly Eaga plc), CallCredit.


Exceed Communications Limited was founded in 2008 by Rob Lindsey to offer telephony engineering and consultancy services to businesses. Whether it’s wearing a headset, managing other people wearing headsets or getting the right calls into people’s headsets, we’ve done it.
We don’t just focus on the how or how much, but the overall impact including on-going management, customer experience, business continuity and your own people.

Neither are we happy just shuffling paper! We adapt to meet the needs of any particular client or task, whether that’s meeting with ‘the management’ and working on high-level concepts and designs, to whipping out the screwdriver, Krone or keyboard and getting the solution programmed and working.

We specialise in Avaya SME and Enterprise telephony.

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